A Big-Picture Report On Canada’s Digital Strategies

Industry Canada has released a 26-page report, Digital Canada 150 (Report), with introductory messages from both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry, listing and commenting on what the Report refers to as Five Pillars of Digital Canada 150. The stated aim is to reach the goals expressed in the Five Pillars by the year 2017, the sesquicentennial of Canada’s confederation in 1867.

The chapters outlining the Five Pillars are entitled:

  1. Connecting Canadians;
  2. Protecting Canadians;
  3. Economic Opportunities;
  4. Digital Government, and
  5. Canadian Content.

Based on an overview reading of the new report (which contains tens of links to existing government sites and programs – and for that purpose the Report will be quite useful tool), to this observer there is not a strong element of linkage and integration to the totality of the material. Further, there seem to be few specific benchmarks for the hoped-for achievements expected to be in place by 2017. However, the Report should serve as a first-stop resource from which to examine Canadian progress on a wide range of digital issues.

Summary by: Richard Potter

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