The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has extended its Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot agreement with the European Patent Office (EPO) for three years, until January 5, 2021. The PPH program between CIPO and the EPO serves to fast-track patent applications in one country when a patent has been granted in the other.

The filing date limitation of the CIPO applications has also been removed. Under the previous PPH agreement between CIPO and the EPO, only CIPO applications that were filed or entered the national phase at CIPO on or after January 5, 2015 were eligible for the PPH program based on a corresponding EPO patent application.

According to CIPO, approximately 37% of PCT-PPH applications and 26% of PPH applications are allowed without an office action. The rate for non-PPH national applications is 3%. The PPH program serves as a useful way to advance prosecution and at no additional charge to regular examination fees.

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Summary By: Lauren Lodenquai


18 01 24

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