Deeth Williams Wall LLP represent creators, owners and users of intellectual property. Our clients have business interests in Canada, the United States and throughout the world. We advise them on international practice and strategies and represent them in commercial transactions involving intellectual property.

We can help you obtain registration efficiently and with the broadest possible rights.  Through preliminary infringement and registrability or patentability searches, we help our clients anticipate complications and avoid litigation.

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DWW has both the technical and legal expertise needed to obtain the broadest possible patent protection for our clients. We have particular expertise in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical technologies.

Our lawyers have extensive experience registering trademarks, opposing confusing trade-mark applications, and defending against allegations of trademark infringement through litigation, arbitration, or mediation.  We also advise on the licensing, sale, and acquisition of trademarks.

DWW helps owners of copyrights administer their rights appropriately. This includes registering copyright and advising on a copyright holder’s rights, and enforcing copyright, or defending against claims of copyright infringement, through litigation.

Trade secrets are not protected by statute in Canada requiring practical steps to guard the secret.  We can assist by drafting non-disclosure agreements, advising on terms to protect secrets in employment situations and in deals between companies, as well as negotiating disputes.

Aesthetic features of a functional article – its shape, configuration, pattern and ornament – can be protected by registering an industrial design.  We assist companies and individuals to protect their original designs, as well as advising on enforcement options and acquisition issues.

Disputes over domain names occur when one person registers a domain name to which another person feels entitled.  We help clients protect their trade-marks and trade-names on the web, by assisting in the registration of domain names, and handling cybersquatting and other disputes when they arise.

As someone on the forefront of Information Technology, you require a law firm that knows the territory and knows how to get things done quickly and effectively. That means more experience. More agility. More responsiveness. No bureaucracy. No knowledge gaps. No legal memos. In short, you require the specialists in this sector: Deeth Williams Wall.

We have more depth of experience and dedicated resources in this field than most of Canada’s largest law firms. 

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Licensing technology requires legal knowledge, excellent negotiation skills, and lots of experience.  Our lawyers are ready to put all our skills and experience into drafting, negotiating, and enforcing your agreements.  We will protect you while facilitating, not hindering, you business deals.

Outsourcing is the delegation of non-essential or core tasks of a business to an outside company.  We use our experience to predict where friction may arise and set up processes to avoid it.  We can help you negotiate pro-active contracts that suit your needs and protect your interests.

DWW advises clients on the integration of appropriate security measures in an organisation, including new standards, and the development of security policies and procedures.  We also advise on addressing security breaches, and integrating security measures into technology contracts.

Privacy is a critical part of the information age.  We can advise you on your rights and obligations under the myriad of privacy and personal information laws.  We can also develop policies, act in privacy-related disputes, and address privacy issues that intersect with other areas of law.

Canadian Anti Spam Law - Helping with compliance with Canada's laws dealing with unsolicited messages, malware and interception attacks.  

Cloud computing has the ability to transform organizations, reduce costs, and proliferate access to information.  However, implemented poorly, cloud computing can be disastrous, resulting in data corruption, unauthorized access, among other pitfalls.  Our lawyers can help navigate these hazards.

With the introduction of increasingly powerful handheld devices, more games, products, and services are being developed for mobile Apps.  We work with mobile app developers to address the many legal considerations that they need to be aware of.

Experts in credit, debit, contactless and mobile payments in Canada. 

There are many areas of business in which the Canadian government plays a strong role though extensive regulation. The regulations can be extremely complex, and there are often separate administrative bodies that have particular expectations. Familiarity with these rules and conventions is vital to obtaining regulatory approval or maintaining regulatory compliance in Canada, which is often the first step to doing business in these industries.

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All foods and drugs are heavily regulated in their sale, use, and production.  Our lawyers can assist you to ensure your product meet Canadian requirements, which include where and how they are sold, and how they are labeled, and in select circumstances, obtaining government approval.

Medical devices are devices used for the treatment of humans, and are closely regulated in Canada. Depending on the invasiveness of the device, there may be a number of requirements on where and how the devices are made, and how they may be distributed and sold in Canada.

Natural Health Products are drugs typically sourced from naturally occurring products.  From production and distribution, to advertising, importation and sale, our lawyers help navigate the maze of natural health product regulations and enforcement agencies to get your product to market.

Cosmetics includes substances used in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth, and may be regulated as drugs if they have a therapeutic effect on your body. We can help you navigate the regulation process from initial application, to approval, and subsequent sale.

The telecommunications industry is fraught with regulatory and practical business considerations that most businesses do not have to contend with.  We help clients navigate the regulation surrounding the technologies used today in addition to negotiating their business arrangements.

Biotechnology is becoming more complex.  Long lasting, broad, international patent protection is vital to ensure a financial return after an invention travels the long pipeline from lab to marketplace.  Our lawyers have the expertise to help to protect or commercialize these inventions.

Litigators from Deeth Williams Wall LLP regularly appear at all levels of the Federal Court of Canada and Ontario Courts, opposition boards and regulatory hearings. Our litigators have particular expertise in litigation relating to pharmaceuticals, Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance), biotechnology, health sciences and software and technology and come from a wide range of backgrounds, including engineering, computer science, human biology, and general arts and science.

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Deeth Williams Wall LLP is recognized for its strong trademark and copyright litigation practice.   From obtaining preliminary injunctions to litigation and settlement negotiations, our experienced litigators employ the most effective means to achieve your business goals.

DWW's litigators handle patent disputes for clients of all sizes.  We work closely with our clients to achieve innovative individualized solutions.  We also understand the strategies required to win in patent litigation.  You can rely on our lawyers to protect your patents.

Deeth Williams Wall has is very experienced in litigation under the Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations (“Regulations”).  We have the experience and excellence that your pharmaceutical company requires.

Conflict is difficult - we can help with that. Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are among the methods of alternative dispute resolution in which DWW excels. We not only represent parties involved in ADR, but also provide a highly effective service as mediators and arbitrators.