Current Opportunities


Deeth Williams Wall is currently accepting applications for the following positions: 



Students who are eager to work in a challenging and self-motivated environment will find working at Deeth Williams Wall LLP highly rewarding. As a boutique firm, we offer students the opportunity to work on cutting-edge files normally found at the largest Toronto firms, while maintaining the intimacy and personal attention of a small firm.

We provide our students with valuable exposure to some of the most rapidly developing areas of law, including information technology, biotechnology and health care regulatory matters. Although the work focuses mainly on intellectual property and technology, we provide our law students with a wide range of legal experience. Students are involved in a variety of complex litigation and transaction files. They are also encouraged to attend continuing legal education seminars, join professional organizations and enjoy firm and professional social functions throughout the year.



We normally employ one or two articling students per articling term. The firm accepts applications in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario's Articling Guidelines.

2022-2023 Articling Recruitment

The firm's 2022-2023 articling student position has been filled.



We normally employ one or two summer students per year. The firm accepts applications in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario’s Summer Recruitment Guidelines.

2022 Summer Student Recruitment

We are accepting applications for 2022 summer student position(s).  The application deadline is Monday, August 16, 2021, by 5:00 p.m. 

Our firm will not be participating in On Campus Interviews (OCIs), but will conduct in-firm interviews during the November 1 Interview Week.   We will be scheduling and conducting interviews in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario’s Summer Recruitment Guidelines


Inquiries about the Student Program at Deeth Williams Wall LLP may be directed to:

Lauren Lodenquai Student Program Deeth Williams Wall LLP 150 York Street, Suite 400 Toronto, Ontario M5H 3S5

We accept applications by hand delivery, mail, viDesktop, email and fax.  It is our preference that applications be submitted through the viDesktop portal.

For more information on Articling and Lawyer Licensing requirements in Ontario, please visit the Law Society of Ontario’s Lawyer Licensing website.