On August 30, 2002, the Danish Eastern High Court released a decision preventing the Dansk Internet Forum ("DIFO"), the national domain registrar for Denmark, from revoking Digital Marketing Support's ("DMS") registration of the domain name co.dk. DMS had previously registered the domain name co.dk in 1997 with the predecessor to DIFO. This registration provided DMS with the rights to sell domain names ending with co.dk. In an attempt to regain control over the registration of names ending in co.dk, DIFO later revoked DMS's registration. DMS sought to prevent DIFO from de-registering the domain name before the City Court of Copenhagen, however, the Court refused to grant such an injunction. Deciding that DIFO had no legal right to control the registration of the co.dk domain name, the High Court reversed the decision of the City court. DIFO has sought permission to appeal this decision to the Danish Supreme Court. If permission is refused, a DIFO official has stated that the Danish government is likely to reform the domain name registration laws. DIFO. For additional information, visit: http://www.legalmediagroup.com/news/print.asp?SID=11035&CH=


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