Take Flight

Step 1: Tear off the perforated corners.
Step 2: Fold corners in to the center line.
Step 3: Fold the plane in half on the center score.
Steps 4 & 5: Fold down both wings on the wing score line.
Step 6: Smile and throw.

Tips and Tricks

Our dedicated DWW’ers have developed a few tips and tricks for better fly time.

1. Place fingers three quarters of the way back on the underside of the plane for top flight manoeuvering.

2. Bend the wings up a bit at the edges for a longer glide.

3. Connect the top side of the wings with tape to add stability.

4. Place a paper clip on the nose of the plane to add weight.

5. Secure a staple on the underside of the nose, as far aft as possible, to secure the nose fold and help with aerodynamics and balance.

Happy flying!

Send us your best flight path on Twitter @DWWLLP #dwwtakeflight


Deeth Williams Wall LLP ("DWW") encourages the safe use of all projectile devices. Please use caution and appropriate safety equipment at all times when operating planes. Planes are not designed for use with young children and should not be eaten or otherwise ingested, machine washed or placed in direct sunlight.

DWW is not responsible for injuries to property or person when taking flight. Use at own risk.

Planes are not recommended as personal conveyance devices nor are they designed to be used as personal safety devices. Do not use planes in the event of zombie apocalypse, polar vortex, explosive volcanic eruption, alien invasion, end of times, Armageddon, Snowmageddon or any other -mageddon.

Planes are provided on an as-is basis. DWW does not represent or warrant that planes will actually Take Flight.

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