On October 12, 2023, the Government of Canada launched a Consultation on Copyright in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence (the Consultation), inviting stakeholders to submit feedback on matters related to copyright and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Consultation follows the Government of Canada’s prior Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, which was launched in July 2021, to gather insights on how to adapt Canada's copyright framework for the digital age, as previously reported in the E-TIPS® Newsletter here

The Consultation states that the rapid development of generative AI tools (such as ChatGPT) has since reaffirmed the need to reconsider certain issues, including the consideration of potential risks and impacts in the context of protecting the rights of creators through Canada's copyright framework.

Moreover, the Consultation focuses on the impacts of recent developments in AI on the creative industries, the economic impacts such technologies may have on Canadians, and whether change is required to further improve or reinforce copyright policy for the Canadian economy.  

The consultation paper outlines the following categories of major questions for copyright policy: (i) text and data mining; (ii) authorship and ownership of works generated by AI; and (iii) infringement and liability regarding AI.

The Consultation is open to all individuals and organizations and will remain open for feedback until December 4, 2023.   For more information on how to participate, please see here.

Summary By: Steffi Tran


23 11 01

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