DWW Associate, Jennifer R Davidson will moderate a panel on Practical Insights for Conducting More Effective Virtual Meetings at the Legal Tech Summit Canada on June 29th, 2021.

Join Jennifer Davidson and a panel of experts as they provide practical guidelines for best practices on effective virtual meetings. Whether speaking to new clients, addressing opposing counsel or collaborating with colleagues, ensuring your virtual meeting is smoothly run is critical for achieving a positive outcome.  What are some practical considerations participants need to think about prior to holding a virtual meeting?  How can one determine which platform best fits their need?  What are some practical tips and tactics for ensuring meetings are effectively run?

The panel will discuss: 

•             Choosing the right conference apps

•             Privacy and security considerations

•             Ensuring you have the right virtual skill set

•             Preparing beforehand for your audience

•             Structuring your meeting – rules of conduct

•             Common missteps to avoid

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