Richard Austin and Jennifer Davidson will speak on Cyber Challenges Presented by Remote Employees at the Legal Issues in Privacy & Cyber Security Infonex Conference on November 18, 2020.

Program description: 

Criminals are using the current COVID-19 crisis to ramp up their game and take advantage of vulnerabilities. Regardless of industry, every organization is at a higher risk of cyberattack.

  • “Remote by default’ organizations
  • Why people working at home is a time of opportunity for threat actors
  • Why organizations are more vulnerable than ever before
  • Threats posed by employees using their private systems including icloud, personal email, personal internet,  wifi routers and Zoom
  • The need to broaden your defence
  • Identity based attacks
  • Is openness to use of personal devices and services other than the organization’s responsible?
  • Increases in the threat landscape

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