Deeth Williams Wall LLP represent creators, owners and users of intellectual property. Our clients have business interests in Canada, the United States and throughout the world. We advise them on international practice and strategies and represent them in commercial transactions involving intellectual property.

A central part of our intellectual property practice is filing patent, trade-mark, copyright and industrial design applications, obtaining registration efficiently and with the broadest possible rights.

Through preliminary infringement and registrability or patentability searches, we help our clients anticipate complications and avoid litigation.

We represent clients before the Patent Appeal Board, the Trade-Mark Opposition Board and other administrative tribunals. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in the Federal Court of Canada and in the Ontario Court. Much intellectual property litigation is handled urgently. We have extensive experience in applications for preliminary injunctive relief. We are also familiar with the complicated damage issues that arise in infringement cases.

In commercial transactions, we perform due diligence investigations, prepare purchase and sale documents and security agreements, close the transaction, and register the documents in the appropriate offices.

Many of us have science or engineering degrees or experience with highly technical matters, from chemistry to computers, that can arise in patent applications and patent and trade secret litigation. All of us are experienced in the art of managing complicated commercial transactions or litigation.

Our Intellectual Property Experts