Technology Licensing, Transfers & Acquisitions need experienced negotiation.

Successful agreements that allow one party to license the technology of another take more than legal knowledge, they take excellent negotiation skills, and a whole lot of experience. You can trust that we’ll put all our skills and experience into drafting, negotiating, and enforcing your agreements. We will protect you while facilitating, not hindering, your business deals.

In many areas of business, a company or individual will need to obtain the rights to technology that is owned by someone else in order to develop their business. The technology may be protected by a patent, a copyright, or other intellectual property right. The parties can negotiate an agreement to allow one party to license the technology from the other. Such agreements can be complex: depending on what the business terms of the agreement are, various legal issues come into play.

We help clients with the drafting, negotiating, and enforcement of such agreements. We strive to protect our clients, while facilitating, not hindering, the business deal.


Our Technology Contracting Experts