As someone on the forefront of Information Technology, you require a law firm that knows the territory and knows how to get things done quickly and effectively. That means more experience. More agility. More responsiveness. No bureaucracy. No knowledge gaps. No legal memos. In short, you require the specialists in this sector: Deeth Williams Wall.

We have more depth of experience and dedicated resources in this field than most of Canada’s largest law firms. 

Our lawyers are recognized as leading experts in the specialized areas of law relating to information technology. Deeth Williams Wall is listed in the Canadian Lexpert Directory as a firm that is “Most Frequently Recommended” in Computer and IT Law. Our partners are rated in Lexpert as either “Consistently Recommended” or “Most Frequently Recommended” in those areas and are also listed in Best Lawyers in Canada.

Practice Areas:

  • Anti-spam
    • Compliance with Canada’s anti-spam legislation.
  • Electronic Commerce
    • Electronic and mobile business including regulatory compliance, contracting, mobile advertising and payment systems.
  • Employment Agreements & Policies
    • Employment and independent contractor agreements. Corporate policies for IP and technology matters.
  • IT Transactions
  • Internet and Social Media
    • Internet and social media legal issues including website terms of use, user-generated content and content licenses.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Technology acquisitions, partnerships, teaming arrangements and due diligence.
  • Privacy
    • Electronic and online privacy including compliance with privacy laws, preparation of privacy policies and dealing with privacy breaches.
  • Procurement & Contracting
    • RFPs, evaluation procedures, and competitive contract negotiations.

We do business your way, not the other way around.

At Deeth Williams Wall, our lawyers know Information Technology law inside and out. But we don’t stop there. Client service is an essential part of our practice and we believe that how we apply our legal knowledge is equally important.

A speedy response to your business is always a priority.

We once received a call from a European client who wanted a large outsourcing deal done in less than a week. One of our partners boarded a plane the next day and worked for five days straight to ensure the deal was signed on schedule. When we say we’ll do everything in our power to get the deal done, we mean it.

A network of experts is available through us to assist you.

Let’s say you need help with a complicated tax question. We can engage an expert from our extensive network to provide an answer. With us, you’ll always have the people you need right at hand – but we’ll never crowd you. You won’t see any unnecessary lawyers from our firm filling up the deal room and bulking up your bill. You’ll always know who is working for you and why.

Our industry profile reflects our commitment to IT law.

An article in Lexpert magazine described Deeth Williams Wall as "cutting-edge". This is a term that applies equally to our clients. To us, the main benefit of being at or near the top in every ranking of IT law firms is that we have the privilege to work with the top IT companies as clients. Your ingenuity fuels our own commitment to come up with creative solutions.

Our broad experience gives you a very powerful edge.

Our experience in all aspects of IT means we understand the issues that you deal with on a regular basis. We can communicate effectively and efficiently because we’re well-versed in the nuances of your industry. This makes a powerful difference, especially because we can translate any legal or deal requirements into understandable language and clear action items.

Unparalleled experience in the practice of IT law

We have advised vendors and public and private sector customers on:

  • IT and Business Process Outsourcing Agreements
    • IT systems development and operations
    • SAP applications development, maintenance and support
    • Health claims processing
    • Telecommunications and back office services including data transport and call centres
    • Fulfillment and electronic payments
  • IT solutions and Systems Agreements
    • Networking infrastructure, enterprise systems, and client-server applications
    • Software, hardware, and service agreements
    • Design, development, and implementation
    • Maintenance and support
    • Distribution
    • Licensing
  • Website Agreements
    • Website development and hosting agreements
    • Terms of service
  • Cloud Computing Arrangements
    • Agreements for software, platform or infrastructure as a service offerings

Our Information Technology Experts